I’ve decided to spend 2018 only writing here on Medium. I’ve found that my desire to write on Wordpress and deal with cross publishing is waning and its decreased my desire to write at all. In fact, I’m pretty sick of the tech/venture echo chamber I live in and generally don’t feel like contributing to the noise. However…

aah, last summer’s highlight…

I do find that writing helps me think and gives me time to reflect, and I really should do it more often. What I’ve also learned is that I need to be able to get stuff out in short bursts rather than spend hours working on big, meaty posts. I’m a big fan of how consumable content is on Medium, so here goes. I’ll just redirect arinewman.com over here and go for it. You can ignore this space if you don’t want to hear another white, male VC talk about obvious shit. I won’t be offended. Seriously.

Co-Founder and MD @ Massive.vc, Partner @ The Fund Rockies. Prev: Techstars VC, Co-Founder @ Filtrbox (sold to Jive) Co-Founder @ JustOn.com (sold to Novell).

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