Ha — I appreciate the humor here. Meetings suck, scheduling sucks and assistants can just get in the way sometimes. And..I think I’m guilty here! I had to cancel a meeting at the last minute today. Semi-nuclear company fire, had to get on a call with other investors. I emailed the other person in the meeting directly and copied my assistant to help with the reschedule. Dick move? perhaps. Not as bad as hiding behind the assistant hopefully. I really don’t like cancelling same day. Its rude. AND…shit happens and schedules need to change. I don’t take it personally when it happens to me and am usually thankful for the 30 mins or hour back.

Co-Founder and MD @ Massive.vc, Partner @ The Fund Rockies. Prev: Techstars VC, Co-Founder @ Filtrbox (sold to Jive) Co-Founder @ JustOn.com (sold to Novell).

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