Thanks for posting this Danielle Morrill. For me, “work-life balance” doesn’t mean turning it off or changing gears completely from one env to the next (work/home). Its about being in the flow of the work and the flow of life and realizing that there are times that one needs more from me than the other.

The startup world is grueling and its a long, long game. There have been days and weeks and months I’ve had to sacrifice my heath, my family time and my sanity to get done what needed to be done for the business. The opposite is true as well, and there have been times I’ve been able to prioritize those things and still be super productive. Its a long-term ebb and flow, never static.

I’m a believer in work hard / play hard as its a great way to blow off steam and challenge yourself outside of the work environment, but it too can take its toll. As I get older, I find that this idea of balance is not just the calendar or saying yes or no…its more like a practice and a journey of self-discovery and constant adjustment.

Co-Founder and MD @, Partner @ The Fund Rockies. Prev: Techstars VC, Co-Founder @ Filtrbox (sold to Jive) Co-Founder @ (sold to Novell).

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